Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nothing Short of Blessed

We traveled to Michigan last weekend. We took a Penske truck up from Louisville so we could bring back furniture that we were given from the Rosemas on behalf of his beloved late grandfather. I briefly opened one of the nightstand drawers to discover a fabric block M... Chris will be moved to see that. Could it be his varsity letter from his baseball career at the U of M? I'll have to go back and look at it, and ask Dad. I suppose Chris knows it's there already, since he and his dad packed up the furniture...

One of the dressers will be used in our new nursery. It will double as a changing table (I would think that Grandpa would love knowing that his newest fact, the only one to carry on his line/name... is to frequent the beautiful and useful dresser in this manner). :) We miss you Grandpa...

The other dresser, 2 nightstands, and bed frame+headboard will be used in the guest bedroom. I am hoping the color of our bed ensemble will go with the light sage green color of the furniture so nothing needs to be changed. Wall colors can always be painted if need be.

We also had two baby showers, one for Chris' side, one for mine. We received so much good stuff! Some unique/special gifts: Precious Moments book written by Chris' sister's mom-in-law, hand-knit blanket, booties, and sweater, homemade "Hooter Hider" (nursing cover), Pooh toy box, rug, and bedding set, pre-made scrapbook (all I have to do is insert the pics!!), clothes line that had a ton of odds and ends (bibs, socks, onesies, etc.) clipped on it, our stroller... We got clothes, diapers, blankets, etc. All you'd expect! It was so fun.

Getting showered with all the baby gifts and the furniture caused us to think back to just how extremely financially blessed we have been over our marriage. Almost all of our furnishings have been given to us for free, or free/nearly free through financial gifts for the wedding and holidays. And now the same is happening for the baby. How awesome is it to have so many people around you supporting you?? Because of everyone's generosity and being blessed with wonderful jobs, we've been able to pay off student loans, our 06 car, and our first mortgage. I only hope that we are being good enough stewards with God's money. I pray that we will not slowly fall into the trap of thinking the money coming in is ours, but will continue to stretch ourselves to give more to grow God's kingdom.