Sunday, October 4, 2009

14 weeks

It's so hard to keep up with this!! A few little tidbits... Charlie is now sleeping a 9.5 hour uninterrupted stretch at night. :) His last few evenings have been a little sketchy with him wanting to sleep a lot too close to his bedtime. He needs to nap more during the day... I'll be invoking a slightly more strict and stretched eating schedule this week to see if it helps. He's ready to eat every 4 hours (his age), but I've been feeding him every 2.5-3.5 (mostly 3). Since he doesn't nap good, he frequently gets in a bad cycle of getting grouchy and wanting to eat, then falling asleep from eating. Anywho, trial this week.

To see his 3 month pics:
Enter the Customer Name, jacquelyn rosema (yes, it's incorrectly e in my first name)

I'm loving just about every second of motherhood now. (first 6 weeks I would've not been so enthusiastic...not that I didn't want him of course...just adjusting) I can't imagine life without Charlie now. I absolutely love watching him develop. :) He is talking and blowing bubbles a lot more these days. He enjoys Daddy playing the piano for him to soothe him. He sits up with support pretty well. He's giggled for me twice now. He likes it when I kiss his cheeks. He recognizes us a lot more and gives us big smiles when he sees us. He's grabbing and holding onto toys.

What an amazing design our Lord has thought up!