Thursday, June 4, 2009

Full Term Baby!!! (37 weeks)

Baby is now considered full term! (as of Sunday)

"Most babies weigh 7 pounds by week 37 and measure around 20 inches. If your baby were to be born this week, all of his internal organs would be developed enough to function outside of his body. And from week 37 on, your baby will only be adding a few ounces of fat to his frame each week.

"If this is your first pregnancy, keep in mind you could be anywhere from two days to two weeks late!"

So, we're looking at 0-5 weeks. I'm hoping for 3; I enjoy predictability. We are getting quite excited for his arrival. I'll be working another week and a half as long as I'm able. My co-worker is getting married Friday then taking a week for her honeymoon; otherwise, I might be done sooner. This is really why I'd like to have another 3 weeks before he arrives...I want a week off to make sure I've finished reading the books I wanted to read beforehand, etc. :) Chris and I will be reading our books to Baby out loud though. Maybe it will develop in him a passion for reading among other benefits. :) I'm sure I'll be unable to be on my feet too much in the weeks following the birth, so maybe I'll have time to read with him right away. Unless I'm always sleeping :/

Chris and I were recently reminded that Baby is entering our lives; our lives don't have to be completely centered around Baby. There's a give and take. Anywho, I needed the reminder. I can see myself focusing in on my new role too intently without realizing it that I end up neglecting nourishing my soul and my marriage. Feel free to ask me how I'm doing with this in the months and years to come!

Here's an awesome video on Why Babies Have Mothers. Every time I watch it I laugh so hard I cry. Enjoy!