Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So, we had our second appointment today. We were able to hear the heartbeat! 160 bpm. Chris got a little teary-eyed while we were listening. I just couldn't stop smiling and giggling. The doctor came in later and said that "They say that the faster ones are girls." :)

A friend sent me this link: http://www.babygenderpredictiontest.com/ which predicts the gender. For me, it predicted 81% chance of being a boy. :) I'm really good with either one. So is Chris.

It's a little more real now. Now I can think back and hear the heartbeat, so I know there's an actual baby in there. :)

I lost two pounds since my first visit three weeks ago. My weight tends to fluctuate every couple of weeks from 2-3 pounds anyways, so it's definitely not bad news. And they say you only gain 1-5 pounds in your first trimester anyways. I will start second trimester Sunday. They say you gain like 15 pounds in this one. It's the only time you can look forward to having a growing tummy, so that'll be fun. I hope I'm able to fully enjoy it and not freak out at my changing body. :)

We're doing the whole side-view picture thing, so I'll eventually post some of those when there's enough difference to notice.

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