Monday, December 8, 2008


"For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother's womb." Psalm 139:13

11th week now. Feeling great. Not feeling quite as tired all the time either. Next week the doctor will check for a heart beat with a good ole stethoscope (we skipped the internal one). We went to Applebee's last night and I got a strawberry lemonade. I think I drank too much (sugar)... my tummy was slightly uneasy at bedtime. :/

My mom sent me my first baby's outfit. :) It is so cute. It's a little boyish, so I asked if she was anticipating a boy. She said she really didn't know...she just thought it would work for a boy or girl. My sister thinks it's a girl. Chris and I would be quite delighted either way. We do plan on finding out the sex, just so we can get the nursery ready (we like the blue and pink as opposed to the yellow). :) Major purchases will be unisex of course though so we can reuse them for future babies hopefully. :)

Something cool:
The way they calculate the weeks of pregnancy, put my first week as the week I was in Rwanda! It's just cool to think that God gave me that special blessing while I was being completely obedient to Him. :) What a great story that will be to share with my child one day. And what a great reminder for me of how God blesses your commitment and obedience to Him (not that blessings always come in such a visible form...but they certainly can and do).

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KatSco said...

WOW!!! Congrats!!! I guess we are on the same page here, that's awesome! Although yours will be about 4 weeks older, but this is great, something else to share. I guess your little gift from God came right away, it must have been the good works you were up to :)