Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's a Boy!

I knew what I was looking at as soon as the picture came into view (right before the doctor told us). :) He wasn't shy. We saw "the view" about 5 different times. He was moving around a lot in there. Doctor said he looked like a perfect baby. She also asked us "Who has long toes?" after seeing his little feet. (Chris certainly does).

His estimated weight was 12 ounces. Whew. I hope I don't have to birth a big baby my first time. :/ We need to sign up for childbirth classes soon. I can feel the anxiety building as I'm thinking about it now...but just the other day I thought for sure I was not going to be anxious about it. Something to pray about.

It was difficult to not refer to him by his name around Chris' parents this weekend. I was so thankful a number of times that I found myself saying something in my head before out loud. So, I managed not to accidentally give it away. :)

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Tracy said...

Congratulations on your precious baby boy. Boys are very fun and very sweet. <3

Are you keeping the name a secret the entire time?